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So, what exactly is ADA?

Ada is the name of the dog owned by Anatoly Yakovenko, one of the co-founders of Solana.

This project honors his legacy, celebrates the companionship shared with his dog, and addresses the prevalent desire within the crypto community for narratives centered around canine companionship, thereby catering to a burgeoning demand for such themes in the cryptocurrency space.

For more information read our: Whitepaper

How can you help support ADA on SOL

Your donations to our community wallet power the ADA on SOL project, sustain vital operations including social platform updates, website hosting, and future promotions, calls, and contests, fostering community growth and participation, propelling our project towards greater success and impact.

Send all donations to: tolysdog.sol

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Community Resources

Community price charts, explorers, and a wealth of information.
Ada prices and charts!
Dex Screener
Charts and Crypto Information.
Blockchain explorer for ADA on Sol.
Old $ADA Website.
Information and Listings Service.
Information and Listings Service.

Token Information

Blockchain: Solana

Supply: Tokens 🪙

Liquidity: ADA has burnt liquidity 🔥

Mint: Mint authority revoked 🔥

$ADA Whitepaper

Decentralized Exchanges:

Raydium Jupiter Dexlabs

Contract Address: E4Q5pLaEiejwEQHcM9GeYSQfMyGy8DJ4bPWgeYthn24v

@AdaonSol Instagram

Project Information:

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